Cant Find A Better Day

Chocolate Mud Cake with Cream

I was a big girl today and went all by myself to chemo (all be it Todd even forgetting I had chemo and didn’t wake me up, thinking I could use a sleep in), so I stumbled out of bed at 8am for a 8.30 appointment.  I made it at 8.33, the bonus of choosing a local hospital with parking. Took 3 hours, feel fine and was home for lunch by 11.45.

Speaking of Todd, he made me a Mud Cake yesterday in honour of my upcoming 21st year anniversary on Wednesday (17th Oct), of my MUD BMT – clever and YUMMY !

I came home today and finally finished Foster’s Yr 7 album (it was a big year for him, so took a whole album).  Also took an interview regarding a story I’m having published in Take 5 Magazine (I’ll let you know a publishing date when I know).  You all know the story – it’s my favourite in the whole wide world.

I guess that brings me to my next point.  Very important to have hobbies. Things that you can do that make you feel good, not matter what – I’ve had many over the years, x-stitch, scrap booking, writing, exercise, yoga, meditation, quilt making (and no Meredith I haven’t finished that quilt yet) – you get the drift.  So good for your mental health, physical health and love of self.  If you haven’t got one, find one and then find time (block it out in your diary if you have to – I do – you’re worth it).

Finally, details about today include only a drop of Hb (haemoglobin) by 1, to 94, all other bloods holding well, a little low blood pressure but rose during treatment to my normal by the time I left and heart scan a week ago was “good, really good actually” quote / unquote by my Oncologist.  Feeling little to no side effects today. phew

Seeing my Plastic surgeon tomorrow and my Oncology surgeon appointment has been brought forward to November 16th, which I’m feeling much more confident about, being able to persuade her for double mastectomy in one surgery, given that time frame from actual surgery (8.2.2019).

Seriously happy days xx

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