Round 8 Week 3 Day 1

HB 101. Should be finished here about 11.15 today.

Christine my surgeon wants a nuclear scan of my parathyroid (MIBI scan) to confirm if its overactive. When I’m eventually cremated my ashes will fricken glow. Ull see them from the moon I’m sure.

I have no symptoms from my high blood calcium levels and it is a trait of stem cell transplantees of calcium levels to be out of whack. I am confident my body is dealing with it the best way it knows how, so as long as there is no tumor attached I will be pushing for them to leave it be. I feel like yelling ‘STOP LOOKING FOR SHIT’

Im not keen on it being removed because that causes a whole set if problems relating to no calcium and osteoporsis which Vy doesn’t think calcium tablets would be sufficient to combat anyway, and too much calcium can be managed more easily. So we both agree, removing would be last option. We also both believe it is just my normal.

On another note, my husband told me the other day, after I was complaining of no hair “you are no prettier with hair”. I think that’s the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me. I love you Todd XXX

Happy days xx

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