How hard u get hit….

and keep moving forward ”

I was on the ropes last weekend and climbed my way up, ready for one last round tomorrow (3 more weeks).

With one week off of chemo last Monday and a week off work with vertigo, I came good by Friday and felt well enough to do some Christmas shopping yesterday.

So 2 weeks out from chemo today I feel the best I’ve felt in 6 months, with a trip to Ikea, some light gardening, a clean of the kitchen and a load of washing (& Todd enjoying a well deserved nap in front of the TV watching cricket). Was planning on seeing Creed II tonight, but figure why push it? Plenty of time for that.

With Chemo, you know my old age facial hair, leg & arm hair (amongst other hair) is gone and my skin has never been so smooth…hope that doesn’t grow back. My head hair is thickening but you can’t see it cause it’s so grey. It also looks like I lost my eyebrows but I didn’t, just the brunet ones, all the grey ones are still there!

Tomorrow we need to call a vet to come assess Fletcher for a pallative care plan

but on the up side I’ve verbally been offered a permanent position at my favourite workplace ever, RSB!

Happy days xx

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