It’s Chemo, but not as u know it

Sometimes I even shock myself! Doubled my swim time today (1hr) with very few breaks!

My last chemo now until I’m back from cruise. This is my fourth round of this type with another 10 more months to go, every 3 weeks. Unlike my other previous chemotherapies, this is a targeted drug to block the protein (HER2) which caused the cancerous mutation. The previous chemos are considered toxic as they are designed to simply attack ALL fast growing cells. With this targeted more sophisticated drug (gotta love scientific advances) I will see my hair grow back faster, my blood counts rise, my energy levels resume to normal & the sick feeling & lethargy go away. So u see it’s still chemo, just not as u know it. The only negative seems to be possible heart function side effect, so I will continue to undergo regular heart function echo grams to monitor.

Today I enjoy a moch expresso martini with my friend Trina (b4 I enjoy a real one tonight).

#blow2018 #livelovelife

Happy Days xx

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