Chemo’s the hero

but cancer’s still a c@#!

Had my radiotherapy marking, scan, Dr appointment and billing information session on Friday.

Cost $15509 and don’t forget the 10 cents

My Gap $1000. Don’t say the Australian Government doesn’t do anything for u or ur taxes are wasted. I would have to say if I add up both cancer’s my costs covered by Medicare would equal approximately $300,000. My bug bear is with private health insurance but that’s for another post.

So my cute Radiotherapy Oncologist explained there was evidence of cancer cells in the lymph node they removed but as with the breast tissue the chemo eradicated all cancer cells. Common response for HER2 diagnosed breast cancers. Because the chemo did such a good job I only need 5 weeks if radiotherapy rather than 6. Why do I still need radiotherapy at all? I hear u ask…..because my tumour was over 5 cm and a lymph node was involved. It just reduces the risk of reoccurrence to about 1% as opposed to 5% without it. At my age you overtreat rather than undertreat, apparently I’ve got a lot more living to do.

I had my radiotherapy markings tattooed and that fucking hurt so any thought of getting a celebratory tattoo when all is done has gone out the window. Even re thinking nipple tats but then again that will all be numb.

Radiotherapy starts on 20th March and I’ll be finished 3 days prior to my birthday! 5 days a week excluding weekends & public holidays. I will see the cute Dr weekly.

Hercepton will continue every 3rd week until October.

Wounds are feeling better, every day I get a little more movement and I’ve been told I can swim again. Even my tooth is not as sore! Things are looking up.

Happy days xx

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