I always said I couldn’t juggle. But it turns out I’ve been juggling for 10 months now.

OK OK so very recently I’ve dropped a few balls but with 8 months to go I’m bound to be getting tired.

I dreamt last night we had a foster child in our care we were supposed to put in adoption paperwork for. I missed the deadline, therefore lost the child. Clearly feeling utterly overwhelmed. I’ve already cracked my $350 grinding mouthguard, after the first night of wearing it. On the second night I almost cracked it in a second spot. (So yet ANOTHER appointment to the dentist booked).

Turns out my chronic illness peaks at 7: cancer x 2, high blood pressure, avascular necrosis, hypa parathyroidism, sleep apnea AND teeth grinding!

Winner winner.

So with all this going on plus daily radiation and trying to make up work time in a new job that is so complicated the managers can’t even agree on a process for each funding source claim, thanks to the government moving the goal posts regularly (must have been what was happening to Crows Saturday night!), plus trying to arrange travel for Foster’s footy 5 nights a week while his dad coaches another team 2 nights a week. ….. .well my head is about to explode.

Foster is obviously also overwhelmed as my usually very organised son, left his school shorts at camp last week so above everything else this morning running around like a blue ass fly – thanks Cheryl to the rescue… always.

So on Friday when I felt I had taken control of most things I decided it was time I got back involved in arranging the tea bookings for our monthly girls night after seeing we had all agreed on a night most were available. Feeling proud of myself for thinking of a place to go I put the call out for Indian. Only to discover our husbands had booked the same night…need I say we discovered this after telling them the night we had planned…Turns out they had agreed on it days ago. My fury was inexlipable. Just because why did NONE of us know that? Why had not one of our husbands afforded us the same courtesy when they had arranged their date?

I melted down by the time I got to the office this morning and my amazing mentor here fortuitously explained when massive crisis hits its the tiniest things that set you undone & tip you over the edge. I mean of all the things I thought I could take control of in my life, it was arranging a small catch up.

So on Friday when I thought I was juggling balls nicely in control but was juggling chainsaws and dropped one on my friends, I promptly took myself and Murray to the beach. (And btw have not heard from my chopped up friends since😒)

On the bright side Crows rang me Friday night and asked for permission to apply to AFL for Foster to be accepted into the Crows Next Generation Academy! Means he’ll train with the Crows right up until he’s ready for the draft in 2022 & if they want him they’ll get first dibs. Day just got brighter!

Happy days xx

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