I went to work…

I only share this fact with you because it was by no mean feat!

Um……on Mother’s Day after a lovely breakfast, nice family picnic in the park (of which I ate none) & great arvo watching my son’s footy with the WAMS and more bubbles, I face planted the oval, I wet my pants, I fell out the car, I fell in the hedge, I got a lump on my forehead, I hugged my bucket like it was my pillow, I blacked out and I had to go to chemo this morning, then work, just before I vomited up my anti nausea tablet.

2 bottles of Bird in Hand with no food and that was the result. An un holy mess. Worst I have ever been. Terribly embarrassed I had to spill the beans to my Oncologist this morning as she was concerned about me with which she responded ‘drink lots of water’. When I told her I couldn’t keep it down she offered to give me IV Fluid! (which I gratefully accepted). It’s no wonder I have loved my medical team. I made it to work, worked back my hours, so no guilt in this post!

My delightful son told me this morning I was so drunk last night he was waiting for me to forget I had no boobs!

From my loving husband when I went seeking sympathy

“The punishment you put us through. Virtually carrying you to the car. Picking you up off the floor after falling out the car. Cleaning vomit buckets. Undressing you and putting you to bed. Work is your punishment for not stopping earlier. Was mildly humorous though” 😂

As for my appointment, I was told my prognosis will improve if I continue Hercepton orally for another year beyond October. We also discussed starting my hormone blocker maybe next visit (orally for up to 10 years). Unfortunately both drugs will come with side effects of course, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

On a brighter note my beautiful, strong, amazing, can do attitude friend, whom I’m proud to know, has just come out of another brain surgery, looking perky and resilient.

Happy days xx

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