Oh Lord give me strength

Last night we took Murray to meet a new friend Bailey. The meeting did not go terribly well, first time Murray hasnt felt the love but he was happy to just be out. I was the designated driver (punishment for last Sunday) and on our way home from Blackwood we nearly ran into a dog (literally). We planned to be home early (around 10pm) as we had left a sick Foster at home, who had a headache, a cough and a mild temp.

While Todd and I have received our flu vax, Foster is still waiting for his, so after all the flu symptom questions (sore throat? ‘just tingly’, aches? ‘only my legs’ …played a game of footy evening before, nausea/diareah? ‘no’ , sweats/chills ‘no’). I was confident it was just a cold.

It was dark coming down Shepherd Hills road at 60km/hr admiring the pretty lightening, which then proceeded to light up the sky and a tough little black staffy just standing in the middle of the down track. I slammed on the breaks (after checking the review mirror for no cars behind), pulled to the side and whacked on my hazards!

Todd jumped out and coaxed the staffy over to him and checked is 4 inch studded collar for an address or phone number. With the memory of Fletch still fresh and his escape escapades in a storm, a vived reminder of how kind people had been to our beloved puppy, we knew we had to help but were unfamiliar with our surroundings.

Todd dialed the number on the collar as I tried a reverse hill start, to reverse around the corner…first mistake. Picture a wild snake going backwards! The bloke who answered was as drunk as Tits Shorten, after losing the election and ‘missus’ was a good verbal non compose replica of me last week (no judgement here!). We managed to confirm an address and they told us to drop him home, the front door was unlocked, just lock him in!

We tried to get Oscar in the car in the front seat when Murray (you’d forgotten we had him didn’t you?) popped his head up, which Oscar proceeded to try and bite off! With them back out the car, Google Maps told me were 2 minutes drive from their house. Remember- it’s dark, it’s hilly, I’m in a manual, and my Google Maps bitch ain’t talking so I am illegally looking at the screen constantly. With a more successful hill start this time, we decide I will drive along next to Todd & Oscar (lucky we have Murray’s lead we can use) and they will walk home.

I notice instead of getting closer, GM is telling me I’m now 5 minutes away…I’ve made T&O run UP Shepherd Hills Road for nearly 2km before we decide to u turn….ah ha, I’ve missed the street. 2nd mistake! Todd’s failing and Oscar is not far behind, a strong and poweful dog but aging and stressing over the lightening, I fear they both might have heart attacks.

Eventually we find the house, the lights are on, the door is locked but we suspect perhaps only a young child at home with another dog inside, neither of which are answering the door. I have a moment where I think bizarre setup to roll us…(It’s late, it looks like a horror movie set, the mind wanders). Todd goes with tying the dog up in what seems to be his kennel type abode and after 3 more phone calls a text and voice mail we leave. Hope he was alright.

We get home at 11.30pm to find Foster with a temperature if 39.3 and achy all over, and I kid you not, I start to get a chesty cough as I walked in the back door.

We dose Fos with panadol, and I don’t sleep from coughing and mother’s guilt, we should have flu vaxed him sooner.

Needless to say we have all woken up feeling like shit this morning and I’m sorry WAMS, but I will not be at footy today to see Finn’s debut after injury, nor will Fos be playing, leaving you with a sick coach and 17 on the field. And Murray is left feeling no dog will ever love him again🐶

I hope we don’t have the flu.

Happy days xx

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