Chicken Fillets Anyone?

Well yesterday was a small milestone…..I met my new boobs for what might be the next 12 months.

I invited my gorgeous friend Tori, to give her a sneak peak of what to expect and share my wigs with her. We had coffee, did a bit of grocery shopping (if either of us could remember what the hell we needed with foggy chemo brain). I met her good friend Sarah who was lovely and who’s sister has just completed her flap reconstructive surgery and loving her new body, but warned me chemo brain might be a forever thing.

My male GP yesterday, could not understand why we call them chicken fillets…..I imagine he does not spend much time in the kitchen. All up they weigh 84.4 grams. That’s nearly a kilo of extra weight to carry, I’m treating it like my weights session, I’m missing since leaving the gym.

I admit I have been visiting pity city regularly lately and vowel to seriously leave that behind as it only serves shit burgers on every corner.

So here’s to life moving forward however it comes, to my friends I have welcomed with open arms to the cancer club and to my friends who I hope I never do. To my family, my home, my work, my hobbies. To my puppy, my love of footy, wine, cheese and clothes. To decluttering my house, my heart and my internal home. Live, love, be xx

Happy days xx

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