What a difference a year makes

It was this week a year ago I discovered my lump. Friday before the long weekend. I rang the GP straight away but they said they couldn’t fit me in for 7 days so I lamented over it for an entire long weekend. Lucky Foster’s football in Mt Gambier kept me distracted.

Today as I sit here and have Hercepton I realise how much has happened since that day 12 months ago….. and I’m still here. I have to admit I always knew I would be. There was no doubt, but it’s nice to prove a point.

I’m not going to recap what I’ve been through because I hate living in the past. I am going to talk about what’s still to come though..

A blood test today because my flu recovery is very slow, a bone density test booked because the next treatment may cause osteoporosis and joint arthritic pain. 5 more IV Hercepton treatments then possibly a year of oral Hercepton. Port removed via surgery after October. 5 years of one oral hormone blocker then another 5 years of a different type of hormone blocker (which can add an additional risk of ovarian cancer- more info to be considered on that at a later date). Reconstruction to be considered next year (much later than originally anticipated). And a body to die for maybe this time next year. There’s a joke there about dying for a body but I won’t go there.

For the day: This morning I put eyebrow crayon on my lips!

Initial blood test just came back. Haemoglobin still only 108. When I started this a year ago it was 145. No wonder I’m tired all the time!

Happy days xx

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