Things are getting serious

Had my 13th Hercepton treatment Monday (my three weekly intravenous targeted drug). I think I need 21 in total but not entirely sure.  ha ha details, shmetails.

Have my script today for Letrozole, my first daily oral hormone blocker, astounding that I could never have children after leukemia but I just keep producing those hormones that need blocking. (Female fat cells apparently – ah that explains it!).  I’m a little nervous to start them because potential side effects can be weight gain, joint pain and all the symptoms that go with menopause.  The most serious can be osteoporosis.  By the way my bone denstity scan came back outstanding – another astounding result cosidering my health / drug (legal) history.  If I don’t tolerate the drug well they will have to switch me to Tomoxifon.  Now this is the scary drug, because this holds a risk of affecting vision permanently and most concerning uterine cancer.  I will have to go on this in 5 years time at any rate but DO NOT want to start it now, so I’m hoping for minimal side effects on Letrozole.  Before I do start Tomoxifon, I’ve already decided I will have a hysterectomy.

If you’re on my FB page you will know I forgot my boobs yesterday. Yes Steve I said ‘boobs’.  Just totally went about my business of getting dressed with no bras, (which I did for three months) and half way through the morning looked down and realised. Old habits die hard!

Danced hard at ‘Never ending 80’s” on Friday night, (what a great night, made it to 12 am this time) and jeez is my knee paying for it this week.  Walking like I really need a knee replacement (which I will eventually). At this rate I’ll have more surgery’s under my belt that surgeons.  Oh well, makes for more good books I suppose….speaking of books.

As you may know, if you’ve been following, I love to write.  I have 4 books already in my head, one of which in short story form on paper (in my Fiction tab).  I’m currently in the process of turning that into a novel.  I do believe I have this life story to share and dying (not literally, don’t panic) to get it out there. So if you have connections with an experienced blogger, webpage builder so I can improve my site, an editor, a publisher anything at all……

In the meantime share my blogs so I can build my network – I would love to go viral one day (this time in a positive sense without the required medications to fix it).

Now off to walk Murray – it is Murday after all.( @murraymeseckeimagroodle Insta) #murrinated.

Happy Days xx

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