I cannot stress enough hi important it is to not let stress, stress you out.

I think the word is overused and underrated. The buzz word these days is anxiety and it’s just not cool or devastating enough to simply say ‘I’m stressed’. But I believe it’s a crippling condition that takes you down a deep dark rabbit hole and once you’re there the following symptoms occur:







I now realise my whole Co-morbid conditions have been a result of my stress and the stress has manifested itself in my bones, joints, attitudes and destroyed my coping mechanisms and resilience.

In saying this I have managed to recognise it and taken steps to realign myself to the person I once knew. Lots of water, a healthier diet, exercise that brings me joy, meditation, deep breathing, sun, fresh air and most importantly a shift back to gratitude.

This week I am starting to feel like me again and rejoice in my inner strength, self worth and insight.

Now as Rocky would say “if you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth”. On the other hand Rambo might reply


Happy days xx

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