This is giving me the shits

I’ve been on these tablets (Nerlynx) 6 per day for 7 days now. I have not eaten much since Thursday. I resorted to dry biscuits and muesli bars by Sunday. Yes I know carb city but nothing else was staying in me. I’ve suffered a few bouts of dizzy spells from dehydration so my focus is to really try to drink. I’ve lost 2 kilos since Thursday. This means I’ll definitely reach my 5 week weight goal, but not how I wanted to and I know it’s false weight loss. In fact my app won’t even predict my weight at the moment because I’m not reaching the healthy calorie intake.

I’ve taken today off and slept till 1pm. I have no strength and no capacity to concentrate. Therefore I now speak in short sentences!! Ha ha ha

Happy days xx

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