The Rainmaker

Watched John Grisham’s The Rainmaker yesterday, and for another reality slap of just how lucky I am.

Had a very busy last few days, with Cheryl and her daughter treating me to a concert the Pentatonix and to brunch (yummy Froth & Fodder) and a wee bit of shopping (sorry Sue, but thanks Nic). Then yet another visit from a friend in arvo with more yummy dinners to help Todd out in his nursing responsibilities. Then off to watch a footy game of Glenelg v Westies trial with Foster. All if which have managed to stave off my boredom.

Foster pre footy game.

Sprinklers came on during last quarter of footy game!

I’ve been spending my days watching Rewired by Dr Joe Dispenza, reading Dr Deepak Chopra / Dr James Doty & David Michie (all things Buddhisim). I’m meditating, watching some Netflix and a movie every day. I’ve been managing at least 20-40 minutes of meditation a day since surgery. I’ve been learning about quantum physics, astral projection & Buddhism. I’m doing light walks and back on my diet plan after an indulgent weekend.

I’m no longer on any pain killers but the occasional panadol and heat packs and my blood pressure has mysteriously dropped so I have reduced my BP meds.

Today Todd is off to help me with house hold chores but we may sneak in a walk on the beach. I may be recovering but I’m only human and not cripple, so need fresh air exercise and vitamin D.

I’m attacking this 6 week recovery in a holistic approach, not just about my surgery but about the entire events over the last 2 years, which have taken their toll on me (us) physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to use this time wisely, to learn about myself, how to be a better version of me, how to approach illness, how to recover and respond, how to build fitness, emotional resilience, inbed good eating and life habits and above all become the person in the life I deserve.

Yesterday I discovered a way to make my boobies even while I await the expansion! So more than ever…

Happy days xx