Holy cow

Modern medicine ……. what a miraculous delight.

Today after spending an hour on the beach with Todd and dog I had my second post surgery appointment.

They (nurse & doc), ripped off my falling off strips and announced they were expanding my left breast today! (Playing catch up). I was so excited I nearly weed my pants as I was not expecting that.

So I learnt both expanders are under muscle, it’s no wonder my left was hurting as much as my right. The left has a port under the skin and muscle which is found with a magnet finder much like a stud finder (blokes and carpenters will know what I’m taking about). Once detected she simply marks it with a pen. Then the nurse drawers up 50ml of saline. There was no need for her to use any local anaesthetic cream as I’m completely numb any way so didn’t feel a thing. The needle was the size of a horse tranquilizer and Todd said the Doc pushed it in all the way. She smiles and says “always gives you confidence when it hits the back of the port”. The right breast has an external port (which is quite tender, and some patients choose that as their permanent implant) but won’t be touched until the left has caught up. They can’t do an under muscle port there because the flap from the back is too thick for the magnet finder.

I had no fluid in my back needing draining which is a great sign and meaning I am doing exactly the right level of activity. The puffiness under my arms causing sensitivity is simply fat tissue which shall stretch as the breast expands and if there is residue at implant stage it can be lypoed.

The stretching is instantaneous all be it subtle but has not caused me any pain. My back scar is healing slowly and she just warned not to do too much as you don’t want to ruin the muscles we have fiddled with. Currently the pain is like a really tight and uncomfortable under wire bra (I have actually gone to adjust it at times then realised!). The back pain is only on my side where the drains were and feels like a combined punch bruise and stab wound, but the rest of the scar is completely numb. Doc says the pain will dissipate over time and feel less pressured.

Back next week for my next post op, meanwhile a friend is picking me up today for a spot of coffee.

Happy days xx

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