I’m pumped

I used to do Les Mills Pump 2-3 times a week, these days I’m doing Michelle Lodge pump once a week. Yesterday saw my second expansion on the left breast (which is now beginning to prove very uncomfortable) and amongst a twisted painful port and sore back from the loss of the muscle, I have resorted to taking Endone at night for pain relief, but instead of it helping me sleep it is leaving me restless and weary and thankful I took the extra time off work. I was under the impression they took a section of muscle only the size of the back skin patch ( approx 2cm x 5cm) but I have since learnt the muscle removed and reattached is far bigger than that and extends across my entire right breast (approx 5cm x 8cm). Know wonder I’m sore as the numbness from surgery wears thin and the pain pokes through a bit.

So bear in mind Endone is my go to narcotic before you order a straight jacket, I am still going to share last night’s experience with you, even at the risk of sounding like a looney tune.

I have been doing some work on meditation beyond anything I’ve done before with positive psychology alone and incorporating with my learning; quantum physics, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology & neuroplacitity philosophies. With this mouthful being said I couldn’t sleep last night for no other reason except for the drugs and my excitement about the future, I tried to find, as Joe Dispenza would say ‘that sweet spot of the generous present moment’. While drifting in and out of a meditative state and sleep, a conscious state and sub conscious state, when I allowed thought to creep into nothingness I would feel a physical pull off energy bringing me back to my awareness of the present moment. I then began to feel some shakes and tremours in my arms and soon my arms were lifting through no conscious movement and then I realised I was levitating. I swung in the air just off the bed in the direction towards Todd, where in his sleep he pushed me off the bed, when he rushed to catch me I declared for him not to worry as I was levitating and it would be a soft landing, which it was. I then jumped back into bed and continued with my meditation. I was lying in the front yard amongst 3 turtle colonies of different infancy ages, penguins as parents and a lovely pair of seals who after a kiss and a cuddle and a quick chat (I couldn’t hear what they were saying) checked their smart phones then dozed back off to sleep.

By now I guess your thinking what a dream, but when I woke it felt so real, it was not until this morning that I needed to start to analyze it. Was it a dream? Medication vs meditation!!

Now what’s interesting to note is the pineal gland is the alchemist for production of serotonin when light is visible (the energy neurotransmitter helping operate the Beta brains waves that make you attune to your out side world- your senses). The same gland responds to darkness and produces melatonin, the neurotransmitter which eventually melts your brain waves to a delta state, at which point allowing you to sleep, slow down, recover, repair. Now melatonin levels are at their highest between 1am and 4am. So if you want to activate the pineal gland at its optimum, which you do because the more you raise your melatomin, the more your cortisole (stress hormones) go down. And interestingly melatonin regulates carbohydrate metabolism. It also heightens immune responses, is proven to reduce tumours and increase life span by 25% in laboratory animals, it’s a free radical scavenger (anti oxident) ie anti cancer, anti inflammatory, anti aging, anti heart disease the list goes on and on for the benefits. The point is, by targeting the pineal gland to produce as much melatonin as possible at this time in the morning, your brain waves switch to gamma which takes you to the 5th dimension – the consciousness, awareness, nothingness, no senses, no time, no space. Your most heightened state of consiousness. This is the place where you experience the elusive super transcendent experience or ecstasy. Did I have a lucid dream, an out of body experience, a mystical moment? Yes I did and I woke feeling calm and enlightened. Make sense of that any way you wish.

My generous friends have continued to visit and take me out, 2 last week, 2 this week. I am humbled at their attention for me and it is a pleasure to spend time with all my girlfriends I’ve made over the span of my lifetime.

Last week while one visited we discussed our commonality over such issues such as budhism, the quantum and being in control of our own destinies. Over the next few days after surrendering myself to all possibility of the unknown it finally dawned on me I know what I want to do when I grow up. It’s so exciting to be able to consider a career change to something I am passionate about where I can utilise my personal experience and strengths professionally from my 25 years of coaching and mentoring. So many opportunities and infinite time to achieve them.

Happy days xx

The boys exhausted from looking after me.

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