Yesterday saw my third installment of saline for expansion and now have definite cleavage. We still have some catching up to do but I expect that will take place in the next few weeks and then the real work begins, in both.I am thrilled with my level of activity I’ve been able to achieve which has meant I have been able to keep within my weight goals. Although nothing too noticeable on the scales (I suspect the amount of saline they are pumping in is equating to the amount of weight I am losing each week), I can now see remnants of my 6 pack. All be it when I suck in really hard and they are quite camouflaged by the outer fat and highlight the enormous love handles. However in saying all that I am not concerned about any of that fat, as that is not the danger, although unsightly, it is not the fat that causes cancers, inflammation, immune deficiency, liver disease, fatigue, unhealthy chemistry imbalance …. I could go on. I am only concerned with the visceral fat (under those abs of mine) and am working towards that reduction, slowly but surely so I can change for a lifetime.I am now able to reach my shampoo without having to preempt the stretch, move in bed without planning it before hand, walk for close to an hour without being exhausted and flopping on the couch for the rest of the day and be involved in meal preparation including shopping and chopping. Todd says my back scar looks as simple as a stretch mark. Quite remarkable in only 4 and a half weeks really, but with a week and half left off work, I need to start preparing myself for 8 hour days.Today our Plantation Shutters are being installed while I plan to watch Demolition Man while sitting on the recumbent exercise bike (I may peddle occasionally) – there’s the doorbell now!Happy Days xx

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