What seems to be your boggle

As I mentioned last post I watched Demolition Man (featuring Sly of course who after being thawed from a cryogenic chamber is 74 – his actual current age right now and can still move in his recent action movies like he moved then, at 47 !). I digress, anyway remember made in 93…set in 2032….well it just happens to be on fox right now, meant as a warning or not I’m unsure. In the new world it is illegal to shake hands, to swear, own guns (p.s. made in America) eat salt, drink alcohol, kiss or have sex or get pregnant without a licence (this law I like very much). Btw they get pregnant thru fertility clinics and have sex via virtual reality! Loving this movie more and more. Matched his meat! Licked his arse = Sandra Bullock’s character trying to get a handle on 90’s retro sayings. Oh and Schwartzeneger is president!! Remember the year this was made!! Interesting to note* I down loaded the movie from fox last week and every restaurant was Taco Bell but today on fox everything’s been changed and dubbed over to Pizza Hut. Being really baffled on this one I did a google and discovered this was to help with release of the movie to non-American countries to a more global refernce. And I always thought I had no attention to detail!

After seeing a beatuful, brave, empowering young women perform on the weekend in a burlesque show at the Fringe, it reminded me how much I’ve missed performing. I grew up loving the limelight on stage dancing, or acting in school plays or in front of small crowds playing piano – some how in adult life I was still the centre of attention but for all the wrong reasons – cancer cancer and more cancer (and front row at the gym in my healthy & fit years). For this reason I was prompted to sign up for burlesque this week with a view to join in on the performance next year (hell why not? – if I can do pole dancing!) but in recent developments have decided to delay until details of public gatherings are updated for now… but definitely watch this space. I’ve started practicing my moves in the pool today. So just a matter of tick tock.

In view of that reasoning I have also joined Gaia which is a channel that hosts Joe Dispenza, meditation, yoga, documentaries on unexplained phenomena etc amongst other things around holistic health. Have done my first yoga season in a while today (and also walked the dog). Cheaper than joining a yoga studio I figure. Oh Demoltion Man sex scene on with Sandra Bullock and Sly hold on a tick tock….ha ha remember the exchange of bodily fluids is illegal ! They’ve taken off their virtual masks now, so back to reality.

On another note I got a call today from my oncologist rooms, my appointment has been postponed for 3 months and moved to a Tele consult (no contact). The new world as we know it, for now. Cheeses, Demolition Man was not far off

Happy days xx

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