A Balance Act

Another breast expansion today, with every visit there’s a little bit of teething pain for a few days, so my red medicine (wine) is indeed required by the evening. But I’m very thankful it is still clicking along like clockwork despite the balancing act to get them even.

Speaking of balancing acts, hasn’t it been a challenge, to follow the rules, keep our space, continue with our physical and mental health fitness plans, stay involved and motivated to work if we are lucky enough to still have jobs, while homeschooling, entertaining pets, looking for toilet paper, trying not to judge other’s motives …. argh the list goes on. Now personally I’m living the dream. I actually feel like this has been a real leveller. At the risk of sounding completey thoughtless, it’s kind of humbling yet liberating for me to know I’ve already self isolated for an entire 14 months after my bone marrow transplant (no government subsidies for us when I had to take that time off my full time job, or recently with some further unpaid leave-clearly I’m not bitter!), and we’ve watched our savings go down the drain on medical bills, having to spend the left over instead on ‘living’ as opposed to that delightful honeymoon, overseas holiday or dream house improvements as planned. So please forgive me if I seem to be embracing this all! (It’s nice to collectively not feel alone isn’t it? What’s been the catch cry? We’re all in this together! Inside I’m screaming “FINALLY”).

In an effort to balance out what might appear as callous or be perceived as ruthless or dare I say deleterious, let me also say I love you all, stay safe and we’ll see each other on the flip side.

Happy days xx

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