Mind over Matter


How often do we let our bodies define what we can do, what we can achieve or even how we will feel today? But there is a better way, and when they say we only use a very tiny percentage of our brain, this is where quantum physics comes in. We could all use our brains for so much more, connect to our heart, our souls and then use that power to create who we want to be, lose our chronic pain, spontaneously cure disease as mysteriously as we contract it, live the life we deserve.

The scientific experts are now proving what many of our ancient ancestors believed without the proof (umm sounds a bit like blind faith does it not?). And that is when we connect our heart and brain rhythm and create theta brain waves we can literally think our way into our destiny rather than fall into our fate! Deep ha.

Don’t get me wrong, if it were easy everyone would be doing it and we would have no disease or illness. I have literally been practicing it for over 20 years and still tangle my self up in dis-ease, dis comfort and disappointment.

The sports psychologists know this though don’t they, and the successful business leader mentors. The people with disability who continue to defy doctors and the general public as a whole with what they achieve, successful athletes, the over achievers, the entrepreneurs, inventors, holocaust survivors, natural disaster survivors, people that shouldn’t be alive, be able to walk, talk, breath, all have one thing in common. They know that their body is not their brain, but their mind is their brain. Their mind will tell their body what to do, not the other way around.

So why do we let our body’s tell us what to do?


Which is where meditation comes in. If we can take some time out of every day to train our brain, we can begin to break bad habits we don’t like about ourselves and become the person we want to be.

So I emphasise this is more than positive thinking. Positive thoughts are awesome but they won’t subconsciously change a habit. The neuroscience now suggests, going into theta brain wave (essentially hypnotic state), is where the magic happens.

My mission is to now find this state more often than once or twice.

If you want to give it a go here are a few tips:

Do or write down all the things on your mind to clear you’re head

Find a space you enjoy being in where you will not be interrupted

Sit up, close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths and focus on nothing (the key here is to focus on something! Ie your breathing, a word, a mantra, but one single focus)

Now touch your heart and focus on your heart. Think of things like love, compassion, kindness, gratitude. Do this for as long as you can.

Now create your future. Live in that future, when you awake BE that future.


Happy days xx


Above is a quick link to a video by Dr Joe Dispenza explaining brain wave patterns.

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