Results are in …..

So exactly 3 years and 3 days after finding my lump, today, I got some more news.

Wait for it, the bone pain, or more accurately described, as I put it to her, tenderness, is ……………………. a broken rib 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄 All that fuss over nothing, how embarrassing.

Radioactive for nothing. I could have had an xray!!

Hilarious over reaction but gratefully a completely thorough oncologist 🙄.
I have an old break in my back rib too apparently.
My theory is the surgeons are doing it 😂😅.

Truth was, I wasn’t too worried about the bone scan. Infact it was an off the cuff remark I told my oncologist about my tender ribs, when she started enthusiasticly ordering multiple tests! I was more pissed about my bone density going to crap. But figure my choice is to swap drugs risking uterine cancer, which can be prevented with a hysterectomy rather than remain on the current hormone blocker therapy that will cause osteoporosis but can only be saved, possibly, with yet another drug, is sound. I’m also seriously thankful, she saved my bones in time before they hit rock bottom and are still in normal range. As Dr Dan said, lucky I had a buffer.

They did however find cervical polyps in the ultrasound, which will need to be removed. They did the ultrasound to establish a baseline before starting the new hormone blocker. The ultrasound radiograher did mention my organs were situated ‘quite a lot higher than usual’ . Another thing I’m going to hold the surgeons accountable for 🤣🤣 The lining was good. I’m in discussions with Doc about a hysterectomy but she insists I start tomoxifon for at least a month prior, to ensure I tolerate the drug (or will need to take 2nd option anyway). At that point I will get a referral for a surgeon to remove the whole kit and kaboodle, polyps included!

As for my bloods the BCR-ABL PCR takes weeks to process as it is a complicated test. The rest of the results were unremarkable; Cholesterol, thyroid, liver & kidney function. As suspected my calcium and vitamin D were great and not the cause of the bone decline. Infact the new drug may even help improve the density.

So I hit the gym tonight and now ready for my oncology breast surgeon appointment tomorrow! 💪

In the meantime thank you so much everybody for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. A problem shared is indeed a problem halved.

Happy days xx

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