Plot change

Todd wearing a t-shirt that says. I never thought I’d end up marrying the perfect wife, but here I am living the dream.

Smack bang in the middle of lockdown and I have to say, I’m seriously considering forcing myself into one every 6 months! I’m refreshed, renewed, distressed, detoxed, enjoying my family’s company, walking the dog, yoga with hubby, Olympics and jigsaws. What more could you ask for. While I appreciate not everyone is coping as well as I, most have to admit it’s nice to slow down with no FOMO, and at the very least get some jobs done around the house.

Mind you my boys have been so bored they are plotting a new gym room and moving Foster’s bedroom into my formal lounge….

On the health front it turns out my first endocrinologist appointment is set for November. It’s a good thing I once again advocated to my oncologist, which in turn has booked a nuclear scan and ultrasound for my parathyroid and follow up appointment with my surgeon, within the next two weeks. Chances are I’ll have this thing resolved before I even meet with endocrinologist. This is why I have private health insurance. I ain’t got time for dat. (Waiting for the public system that is)

It’s confirmed it is major surgery but we’ll cross that bridge when come to it.

Meanwhile my Dryish Julyish challange is going well, still on track and have even picked up a few hitch hikers on the way to join the cause. Ha ha (thanks Lol and Mel)

Oh I’m being summoned for a family walk…..catch ya on the flip side….

Happy days xx

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