After 6 months of the unknown, I recently received the phone call I’ve been waiting for. My haematologist finally called to advise, the removal of my parathyroid gland (all half a gram of it), all be it ‘enlarged’, was what had caused the macrocytosis (fat blood cells). Relieved, after mildly sweating bullets, that it was not a sign of MDS *Myloidedysplasia syndrome (caused through major anti cancer treatment and a prelude to possible blood cancer like luekemia).

I have suffered from overactiveparathyroidism for 20 years but it has never caused any significant issues. After having gone through this surgery to remove it about 5 weeks ago, which immediately fixed the calcium in my blood, I’ve been waiting on the results to see if it fixed the macrocytosis.
Results = All blood cells
Dr Hiwaze is very chuffed he’s identified this as the cause rather than MDS (being his specialty).
He explained it took years to manifest in the bone marrow which is why bloods did not show it sooner.

Meanwhile, I launched my Wellness Frequency Wellness Cancer Coaching & Mentoring business on Facebook after graduating from Cert IV Life Coaching.

To round out the year I finally got my tattoos, to represent my stamp on all of this nonsense being put behind me. It’s of purple to cornflower blue and green leafed magnolias and emerging butterflies wrapping over my mastectomy and lat dorsal back muscle scars. Purple and green representing good health and good luck. Thanks to Pink Lotus and artist Aleisha for an amazing peice of art work I now have forever.

I feel now is agood time to thankyou all for following my journey from Caring Bridge to here, since mid 2018 and to say goodbye.

I invite you all to follow my new journey on Facebook Wellness Frequency

Picture of Wellness Frequency Facebook page

I believe that’s a wrap. Looking forward to the rest of my life and being the narrator of my own story, while being defined not by my past, but by visions of the future

Over and out

Happy days xx

Fresh tattoo of my back
A teaser of one of my mastectomy tattoos.

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